The Piet programming language is a graphical programming language, in which programs are meant to resemble pieces of abstract art.

With this IDE, you may write, save, load, and most importantly, debug your Piet programs.
Note: You must have a JavaScript-enabled browser in order to use Rapapaing PietDev. All popup blockers must be disabled before you start if you’re planning on using the “Save” feature.

Please note that the “Save” feature requires your current working program to be brought to this server for temporary processing. If you see this affects you in a negative way, you should use your own mechanisms to save your program.

Update (2013-05-21): Thanks to Denilson Figueiredo de Sá, PietDev now supports modern browsers!

What you see below is the actual editor, not a screenshot of it. Go ahead and use it! it’s free! PietDev is currently unavailable. I plan to get it back up as soon as possible.

Want to host your own PietDev? Want to read some awful code? Download the source code!