I worked for Sega from 2010 to 2015. Most of the games I worked on at first were mobile games with no credits screen, or a credits screen hidden under some menu that nobody ever watched.

Starting in late 2013, I started working on console games, which do have credits at the ending, and they actually list me!😜

It’s really awesome to see your own name on a game that you worked on. So just for bragging, I’ll post screenshots of places where my name appears in this page Project Diva F 2nd (2014): Development Support. Watch at 4:54

Also in the English version, watch at 0:56

(video is no longer available)

Phantasy Star Nova (2014): Programming. Watch at 11:23

7th Dragon III: code VFD (2015): Programming Team: Graphics. Watch at 4:42. Also in the end credits, but I still can’t find a video of that.