Relaunch of Rapapaing

Note: This site has been re-re-re-launched in 2020 after an SSD crash. Hope everything works now.

Note: This site has been re-re-launched in 2018, so the following text no longer applies, and is kept for nostalgia purposes only.

It’s now been almost 9 years since I first launched It seems like it was yesterday!

The Internet is changing, and writing content by directly writing HTML is so pre-2010. So I’ve decided I should give the page a makeup and relaunch it, this time as a blog. Fear not, as there was no downtime, no 404 pages during the migration,  I have kept most of the previous content, and every old link is still valid, though they now point to places inside this blog thanks to our friends ModRewrite and HTTP code 301. However, it is possible that I messed up somewhere, so please let me know if an old link is broken.

Additionally, I’ve kept the minimalist retro look and feel, but instead of a gray page, previously found on the main page, I am now using the red I used on my personal page. Thanks a lot to the guys at plaintxt for this awesome theme.

But also times have changed. I am now a professional game programmer, and I wish to write a little bit more about my thoughts on game programming, design, content creation, and the game industry itself.

So, if you were a regular visitor, welcome back. If you’re a new visitor, welcome.