About me

My name is Oscar Rodríguez. My interests focus mainly on game creation: programming, game design, 2D art and music.

As a computer engineer, my main field of expertise lies in computers. I mostly focus on networking, computer graphics and algorithmics, as well as a whole lot of programming in as many languages as I can learn.

I graduated from Los Andes University in Bogota, Colombia, and then pursued my master’s degree at Ohtsuki Lab in Keio University in Yokohama, Japan, as a recipient of the Monbukagakusho scholarship. I then worked for five years at Sega in Japan, and now I work for Google Japan. Below, you can see which games I have contributed to.

My favorite means of expression is pure homegrown ANSI C. However, most of my recent coding is done in Lua and C#, both of which I find to be quite enjoyable. Due to the circumstances, I commonly find myself writing in C++, JavaScript, Ruby or php. I particularly hate Java, and I’m glad I don’t have to work with it anymore.

I have also coded in more than 20 other programming languages, ranging from the mainstream to the esoteric.

Everything in this website is in English, but I am also a native Spanish speaker, fluent in Japanese, and can string up sentences in French. Feel free to contact me by email, by writing to o-rodrig [at] rapapaing [dot] com.

I sometimes contribute to some other sites:

You can also find me on twitter, but I don’t write too often in there though…

I have worked on the following game titles:







You can actually see my name in some of the games I’ve worked on, in this blog post!

I also have a small indie game development group. Hopefully you would have already played some of our games on Steam!

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