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Journal to my trip to Central America (this is NOT a blog!)

Days 28-33, 2008.6.13-18 (Fri to Wed) - The Guatemalan part and Moving on

Origin: San Salvador, El Salvador

Destination: Guatemala City, Guatemala and back to Bogotá, Colombia

Distance: Some 300+ Km, and then I-don't-know-how-much back by plane

Duration: 5 hours to Guatemala, and 4 hours back home, with a quick stop in Tocumen, Panama

-sigh-... What a trip...

Let me put you up to speed here. Unlike all the other writeups back there, I'm not writing this one in Central America, or even back home in Bogota. Some things I will briefly explain in a bit happened in Guatemala, and then I went back home on an airplane. Flash forward 6 months, and it's now December 29, 2008. It's almost new year's eve, and that city I love, which I call home, is no longer the place I live at. I now live in Yokohama, Japan, and will be staying here for some years. I now have the strength and the time to format all those pages, and write this final writeup. With these final words, tens of thousands of kilometers away from home, away from my family, and away from all those wonderful memories, I finally declare my trip complete.

But don't take me wrong. The trip was awesome, and the part in Guate was no exception. The problem, which if you know me a little bit, was not the trip, but myself. In very (and trust me, this is the ultra-super-duper-condensed version) few words, I happened to have fallen in love while in Japan in 2007. The object of my affection was Marina, the girl who was extremely kind to let me stay (with complete knowledge of my intentions) in her house during my stay in Guatemala.

Call me romantic, or emo, or whatever you want, but I thought that going all the way over there by land, with severe difficulties, would be proof enough that I don't care about distances, when love is what I'm talking about.

Well, the trip to Guatemala City was quite easy and quick, and I stayed with her in her house with her family, and they treated me so good I feel bad now ^_^...

But the truth is that hearts don't change like that. She had a boyfriend by then, an extremely nice guy you can also see in the photo gallery. The guy was nice with me even though I think that the reason I was there was very obvious to him. I really admire him for keeping his composture even in such situations. But sometimes seeing them both together crushed my heart in ways I cannot even begin to describe (if you're a masochist, you should really try unrequited love! ^_^).

Anyways, nothing happened, which is something for which I am really glad and proud now. And looking back now, I can say that I learned a million things on this trip, but the most important one is that no matter how hard you try, people's hearts can only be changed by their owner.

So yeah, it hurt. A lot. Enough for it to keep me from making writeups during this part of the trip. And it keeps on hurting even today. A pain I am not likely to be ever able to forget, but we don't forget our bad experiences, we learn from them instead! So instead of suffering it, I am now trying to get over it and enjoy the new experience I have of living in Japan!

In Guatemala, I visited Antigua (you have to go there if you ever go to Guatemala), which reminded me of Villa de Leyva, and I did several tours of the city center. I would have wanted to go to Tikal, but I was not really in Guatemala for the ruins ^_^, so I think it will be next time.

Guatemala City is the largest and most populated city in Guatemala, with a bit less than one million and a half people, according to Wikipedia. It is indeed quite large, and the climate is excellent.

I then came back home on a plane. I was really tired then to go back home using the same route, and even if I tried a different one, I think I pretty much covered the main cities in Central America (I know I missed Belize), but of course, there are still thousands of attractions to see. I expect to go back there some time in the future, and go back through my own steps. Just thinking of it is kinda nostalgic... T_T

In total I travelled above 4800 Km, all by land and sea, except for a small jump in the Panamanian Darien. The entire trip took 33 days, and I spent around 1200 USD, half of which was spent on the return ticket, and half of the rest was spent in Honduras, where I had no place to stay.


I really wish to thank once again, all the people whose hospitalities I abused by staying at their places, and also my friends, who were kind enough to show me around. I also want to thank my parents for (virtually) being with me the whole time (also thanks to Skype for making this possible! ^_^). And thanks to you! for reading this story! it's precisely for you that I wrote it! so if you want to make comments, questions, or just want to say hi, please drop me a line! My e-mail is o-rodrig [at] rapapaing [dot] com!

I really hope I can go back, and I also ended up wanting some more, so perhaps next time you'll see a journal of me traveling through South America, or South Asia? or Europe?

The world is so vast, and life is so short... I can barely believe what happened back there, that I still smile of the excitement of remembering such a trip. If you ever want to do a trip, but are not sure whether or not to do it, by all means, please do it! it's an experience you'll never forget!


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