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Day 26, 2008.6.9 (Wed) - Maje! these are some real men!

Location: San Salvador, El Salvador

Food: Tacos, these are more mexican-like

Today wasn't a really eventful day. I rested a good while in the morning, and figured out the way these people live. Don't get me wrong, these people are not lacking money, but they do some things that from a colombian's point of view are a bit... eccentric, to say the least.

They have a shower, but they don't use it. They shower with a garden hose instead. They have a sink, but wash their hands and bruss their teeth on the place you use to wash clothes. Mauricio lent me his room, and went and slept in the floor without breaking a sweat. Also, this place is hot as hell, yet they don't use fans, and A/C is definitely out of the question. If you ask me, these people do this just to remind themselves that they are real men, biblical men. I don't mind sharing that lifestyle, but I definitely live differently.

As Mauricio went to school, I stayed home talking with his brother and his friends, who were quite interesting.

Later in the evening, they took me to eat some tacos, but these would be more mexican-like, and consisted of tortillas filled with stuff, that you pick up from your plate and eat with your hands. I ate a bunch, with lots of chili. This was a relaxing day like I hadn't had since I was in Costa Rica.

Deeper into the evening, I stayed up talking with Mauricio about lots of stuff, ranging from trivial, to some very deep and tough stuff.


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