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Days 14 and 15, 2008.5.30-31 (Fri and Sat) - Some more relaxing at Hao's place

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Food: Curry and Sushi at a japanese restaurant in downtown San Jose

Not much to report. I've been staying at Hao's place and we've gone to a butterfly zoo, to the city and pretty much to some nice places, but nothing very exciting. We've watched lots of chije videos and that's all. I'm leaving to Nicaragua tomorrow morning as well.

The mariposarium, or butterfly zoo was interesting. Hao's mother took us there, and it was located on the back yard of a house, who charged like a fortune to let people in and watch some butterflies. Don't get me wrong, There were some beautiful butterflies in there, and very well taken care of, but this kind of places make me think way too much about costa rican culture. This country has a very strong tourist infrastructure, and you see so many tourists on the streets (they're so easily spotted, that it's quite fummy: people walking around on sandals and safari shorts are obviously foreign tourists) that people set up something "natural", even if remotely, on their gardens, charge some money for people to see it, and make a fortune. And people pay for it!

If tourism works like this, and the strong economy Costa Rica has, which has led it to have a high HDI, and lots of foreign investment like the huge one made by Intel, I can't even start to imagine the potential Colombia has on tourism. I think it's just a matter of having the appropriate mindset for this kind of stuff. And we're busy in Colombia killing each other instead of making fortunes with our exquisite natural treasures that -I don't know if better or worse, but definitely much more than Costa Rica- we're sitting on, but don't even realize.

On the last day, I went with Hao to some nice japanese restaurant on downtown San Jose, and sitting on a balcony, we talked a lot and looked for tourists to laugh at them >_<. I enjoyed my last day in Costa Rica, thinking about how much I definitely have to come back here to see all the places the rain didn't let me.


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