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Day 13, 2008.5.29 (Thu) - Hao's Birthday

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Food: Random mexican food

I woke up quite early to take the bus to take me to Volcan Arenal, and I was ready to spend the night there and come back to Hao's place on Friday. It had rained all night and it was still raining when I left the house for the bus terminal. As I arrived and started looking for the bus, a large guy came out of the bus office and pasted a sign that read "Road's closed, there are no bus services".

Oh Sue... With strong feelings of ambivalence, I headed back to Hao's place. We then learned on the news that because of the heavy rains, several roads had been closed. The day before I had called some tour operator that would have charged me $200 for taking me there and bringing me back. Had I paid that kind of money, and they'd left earlier, I'd probably be still stuck in there.

It rained all day. When it seemed to stop for a bit, it only did so to start raining heavier 10 minutes later. I think the earth is about to melt. The road that led to the place I was going to is exactly the same road that would take me to Nicaragua, so unless it stops raining, I only have three choices:

  1. Stay in here until it stops raining. Since this is heavily linked to the hurricane season, which has just started, this might take well from 10 minutes to 10 months.
  2. Jump to Nicaragua or Guatemala (where Marina says the weather's not bad at all) on a plane. This might destroy the whole purpose of this trip.
  3. Go back home by plane. To be honest with you, I think of this one as a real option, and I'm cery tired of sleeping on friends' places where they might be uncomfortable with me.

I did some very thorough thinking during the day. Some times I think I should wait, but some other times I feel I really want to go back home to my mommy... ^^

Today's Hao's birthday. He's just turning 23, and he invited some friends over. It was nice, we saw a movie and then ordered mexican food. Like <real mexican food, which is beans, meat, avocado, and some random mexican spices on a corn tortilla in like 20 different ways. It was nice eating the real mexican food, and not the ripoff you find in Colombia, which is only a bunch of beans, meat, avocado and some random mexican spices on a corn tortilla in like 20 different ways.../p>

They also bought a cake for Hao. It's still raining, but it doesn't matter anymore. I had cake and some juice, and then stayed up till 2 watching Chijje videos with Hao and his brother. Let's hope there's some sun today, because all my clothes are up on the clothesline getting very wet at the minute. I'm getting quite critical on the lack of clothes.


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