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Goodbye Sega

Starting on December 1, 2015, I no longer work for Sega Games. Leaving Sega was not a trivial decision. I worked there for a bit more than five years, and worked on 11 different titles for lots of platforms. It was a huge honor working for the company I had always admired, and I am […]

The final solution to the passwords problem

I am sorry to let you know that your email has been hacked. Or if it hasn’t, then it will. Very soon. When I first got into this Internet thing, say some 16 years ago. I made my first email address at HoTMaiL (bonus points if you also made it when it wasn’t part of […]

Relaunch of Rapapaing

It’s now been almost 9 years since I first launched It seems like it was yesterday! The Internet is changing, and writing content by directly writing HTML is so pre-2010. So I’ve decided I should give the page a makeup and relaunch it, this time as a blog. Fear not, as there was no […]